Formation Evaluation Services
Formation Testing and Sampling Services
NMR Logging Tool (NMR) 
Reduces uncertainty in formation evaluation
Identifies hydrocarbons that may be missed by other logging technologies
Reduces rig cost for acquiring NMR logs
NMR Rock-sample Analyzer (NRA) 
No requirements on the core sample shape
More efficient, 3 days to build the analysis results
Analyze the fluids in the sample specimen, mobile fluids, bound fluid saturation level and other parameters.
Hexapod Diplog Tool (HDT) 
Determine offset locations based on structural dip
Map field perimeters and bed thicknesses for
accurate reserve calculations
Hexapod Imaging Tool (HIT) 
Optimizes development well placement and hydrocarbon depletion efficiency
Helps differentiate open from closed fractures for production analysis
GV-MWD System (Wireless Measurement-While-Driling System) 
Wireless measurement-while-drilling system (MWD) is a specialized steering tool during drilling. Reveived by downhole hypogynous device, the data is processed to encode in special format, embedded with pulse signals generated by pulse generator, which are sent to surface inn thousands of meters away by drilling mud.
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