Formation Evaluation Services
Formation Testing and Sampling Services
Litho-Density logging Tool (ZDT)
Porosity evaluation even in the presence of complex mineralogy
Complex mineralogy evaluation
Determine gas/water contacts for completion designs
Multi-dipole Array Acoustic Tool (MAA)
Superior quality shear and compressional measurements for accurate seismic tie-in and rock property information
Porosity determination, permeability indexing, hi-res processing
Array induction Tool (AIT)
Superior measurements in deeply invaded formations
Detailed evaluation of the drilling fluid invasion profile
Inversion processing provides thorough analysis of all available data
Flexible combination options
Acoustic Tool (ACT)
Provide acoustic-derived porosity for water saturations
Provide seismic correlation through compressional and shear synthetic seismograms in fast formations
Digital Spectralog Tool (DST)
Make completion decisions based on fractures, high permeability zones; avoid depleted zones or water contacts
Accurate shale volume for advanced log analysis input
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