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Array induction Tool (AIT)

The AIT subsurface instrument is a multi-spacing and multi-frequency induction device. Multiple receivers provide formation resistivities at six depths of investigation, ranging from 6 to 94 inches. The longer receiver coil spacings enable the estimation of true resistivity, even in the presence of deep invasion; the shorter spacings provide the information to correct for borehole and near-borehole effects.
Hydrocarbon evaluation in complex environments requires technologies that can look deeper into the formation and resolve thinner structures. In thinly bedded hydrocarbonbearing reservoirs and in the presence of deep drilling fluid invasion, AIT measurements provide more accurate formation resistivity data than conventional induction systems.
Using the AIT in these conditions results in better reservoir description, more accurate water saturation
determination and a detailed evaluation of the drilling fluid invasion profile.


Superior measurements in deeply invaded formations
Detailed evaluation of the drilling fluid invasion profile
Inversion processing provides thorough analysis of all available data
Flexible combination options

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