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Borehole Formation Tester (BFT)

 Borehole Formation Tester is a petroleum device to obtain formation fluid in open hole. With natural gamma, depth is designated. By packer formation and mud are packed. By pump, formation fluid is drawn in. Meanwhile, fluid property is identified by density sensor, water sensor etc. Formation fluid is
stored in liquid storage tank. Original formation fluid from 2 different formations can be obtained in one downhole trip. It can identify properties of the sample obtained from downhole in time. If the sample obtained is not from the true formation, it can be released and recaptured until the expected sample is obtained.

Pressure resistance 140MPa
Temperature resistance 175oC
Diameter Closed: 6 in.
Open: 12 in.
Length 9.59m
Weight 394Kg
Backup pressure 30MPa
Pump pressure 10MPa
Pump throw 316.5mL
Sample volume One 1L sample and
one 300mL sample (Once trip)
Maximum flow 2.2L/min£¨double pump£©
Well bore Open hole
Maximum Borehole Diameter from 8-1/2 in. to 12-1/4 in. (basic)
19 in. (extended)
Power supply 380Vac/50Hz

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