Formation Evaluation Services
Formation Testing and Sampling Services
Hexapod Imaging Tool (HIT)

The six-arm independently articulated carrier and powered stand-off ensures optimal sensor-to-formation contact even in highly deviated boreholes. Pads with 24-sensors are mounted on each of the six articulated arms, producing a total of 144 microresistivity measurements, with a vertical and azimuthal resolution of 0.2" (~5 mm) resulting in the high-resolution borehole images described above.
The HIT may be logged in combination with the acoustic imager to providecomplementary measurements allowing for a more complete evaluation of the formation.


Structural analysis including structural dip analysis, fault and fold analysis and unconformity recognition
Fracture evaluation
Sedimentological analysis including description of facies and facies sequences, determination of paleotransport direction, analysis of reservoir geometry and characterization of depositional environment
Net-to-gross analysis
Used with 3DEXSM service for quantitative thin-bed analysis
Allows for determining reservoir permeability trends

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