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Multi-dipole Array Acoustic Tool (MAA)

The MAA is a fullwave monopole, inline dipole and crossdipole logging tool. The MAA provides the best quality monopole and dipole measurements in unconsolidated formations (Δtc>250 μs/ft, Δts>1200 μs/ft) where competitor tools have had difficulties performing.

A new telemetry scheme allows acquisition of a full data set twice as fast as the MAA. Petrophysicists
can now easily get acceptance for acquiring data that otherwise would have been cost-prohibitive when rig time is high. It allows Baker Atlas to record a full data set for later retrieval even if the need for the data is not apparent at the time of acquisition. Typical logging speed for inline and cross-dipole, full monopole and Stoneley data was 15 ft/min (4.6 m/min), while the MAA records the same data at 30 ft/min (9.1 m/min).


"Best-in-Class” full wave monopole and cross-dipole data even in unconsolidated, low-velocity formations
Same depth co-located and matched dipole transmitters for cross-dipole anisotropy measurements around borehole
Most comprehensive dataset and lowest frequency transmission in industry providing true formation slowness Industry’s highest dynamic range providing reduced uncertainties

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