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Cased well Formation Tester (CFT)

Wireline Cased hole Formation tester is to transmit downhole testing part to bottom hole with logging cable, to calibrate depth with natural gamma tool and magnetic positioning tool, and to receive command from surface operation console so as to pack and test the target formation with packers. Besides conventional formation test, it can be also used to obtain reservoir fluid in controllable volume by ram pump, to monitor flow process of formation fluid by temperature sensor,pressure sensor and resistivity sensor and to transfer recorded data to surface data monitoring and processing system for dynamic reservoir estimation.

Test in exploratory wells of medium to low porosity
With further petroleum exploration, more and more formations of medium to low porosity are developed. Those formations are typical of multiple single layers and hard pipe-control test. The application of the technique will cut 50% of cost and save more than 80% of time.
Determine waterflooded level in development wells In conventional logging interpretation of development wells, there is classification of waterflooded level. Coincidence rate is only 50%. By the method, it reaches 100%.
Examine perforating quality
When perforation is performed in multiple layers in down hole, kinds of reasons cause incomplete perforation in certain interval. By the method the interval of bad perforating quality will be determined
Examine infusion effect
By test in separate layers, pressure data of each producing layer are measured. When pressure is depleted in a layer, it will be determined exactly by the method.
Determine remaining oil distribution single layer test in multiple wells is used to judge inter-well status.
Combined with fractal approach, remaining oil distribution is determined to guide adjustment well deployment.
Build development database for single well and single layer
Multiple tests lead to effective monitoring.


Pressure resistance


Temperature resistance




Vertical resolution

Maximum layering 

Pressure accuracy 

Water ratio




150 C 








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