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NMR Rock-sample Analyzer (NRA)

We are constantly working to advance the NMR analyzer’s hardware, software, and equipment design. The instrument uses USB connection. This instrument offers leading edge technology. For the measurable rock sample parameters, the MNR analyzer makes measurements with higher stability, sensitivity and precision.  Measurable parameters include:
Oil saturation level
Irreducible water saturation
Mobile fluid saturation
T2 relaxation time spectrum
mobile fluid cut off value, etc…
Brand new double apertures sensor head, with this design the user need not open the cover, the user can switch between the small and large probe just by using the computer software interface.  The process of replacing sensor heads has been made less troublesome. Now there is no need for keeping the sensor head at a constant Temperature for a fixed time after changing sensor heads, thereby raising operation efficiency. The sensor head can be changed at any time, allowing alternately measuring large and small samples. The magnet uses high precision, noise free temperature control technology without incorporating a fan, and this has improved the stability of equipment. The modular design allows for future upgrades of the equipment. For example, the instrument can be upgraded to full-diameter type. Brand new and more powerful control software including: information display, equipment adjustment, calibration, core sample measurements, relaxation spectrum analysis, report statements output, Excel format statements output, printing, and other functions. Optional additional sample vacuum control system includes a digital vacuum level display, electronic timing settings, and this instrument has the same outside appearance as the NMR analyzer.

Main performance indicators

System frequency    2 MHz-5MHz continuously adjustable
Magnetic field strength    1200 Gauss
The effective sample space    φ25 x30mm
Frequency accuracy    0.01 HZ
RF transmitter power    25 W
RF-phase capacity of    Four changes
Signal Transmission method    Direct Digital Communication
Echo the largest number of    8000
Shortest echo time    150 mS
Probe switching time less than    0.5 S
System Control Method    USB interface
Control software    Windows Application
Weight      55 kg

Standard Instrument Configuration Includes

NMR controller
MRI magnet
Sample Vacuum Control system
NMR software
Calibration Sample
Signal wire
Power wire
One year product warranty
One week technical training

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