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Formation Coring Tool (FCT)

The FCT system can drill multiple core samples from downhole formations and store them in the core-storage section of the tool body for retrieval back to the surface. The sidewall cores are drilled using a pivoting bit box. As the tool is lowered into the hole, the bit box is in-line with the tool body. At the desired depth, the bit box is pivoted into the drill position to make contact with the wellbore wall. The maximum retrievable core length is then drilled, measured, and stored. The tool can then be repositioned for the next sample. A maximum of 25cores per trip are achievable with the FCT system.

Compared with drill coring, the way of wireline sidewall coring can be more quichly, large scale, position accuracy, reduce cost, save work time. At the same time, it could also make up the drilling omitted core.
Compared with fire coring, the sidewall drilled cores are integrated and not broken up. The shape is regular cylinder. It could be analyzed to reflect the real stratum state parameters.

FCT component
Downhole tool: mechanical probe and electron section. Using mechanical hydraulic pressure driven technique, the diamond bit could drill the vertical wall.
Surface operation system:voltage regulated system, frequency conversion system and console.
Surface control system: depth checking system, portable computer and printer.

Requirements of the borehole well
Borehole diameter: 150mm-380mm
Mud gravity: less than 1.3g/cm3
Slurry viscosity: less than 60s
Sand content: less than 0.5%
Mudcake thickness: less than 5mm
Well deviation: usually no more than 15 degrees

Power supply: 380Vac/50Hz
Temperature: 175C
Pressure: 140(MPa)
Length: 7.5(m)
Weight: 198(kg)
Maximum: 127diameter(mm)
Core diameter: 25(mm)
Core length: 50(mm)
Vertical resolving: 0.2(m)
Max. coring QTY: 25(one trip)
Surface operation system

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