Formation Evaluation Services
Formation Testing and Sampling Services
NMR Logging Tool (NMR)

Can yield clear readings regardless of mud conductivity, hole size or inclination
Multiple-frequency operation supports multiple, simultaneous NMR experiments
New NMR acquisition techniques improve NMR data accuracy and provide superior hydrocarbon typing and fluids analysis
Objective Oriented Acquisition (OOA) simplifies planning and execution of MREX logging jobs
Can conduct multiple NMR data acquisitions in a single run

Maximum Temperatue: 200¡æ
Maximum Pressure: 140Mpa
Operating Voltage: 180VAC
Length: 4.6m
Vertical Resolution: 30cm
Depth of Investgation: 25mm
Minimum Echo Time: 600us
Maximum Echo Numbers: 1000
Radio Frequency Work Loss: 1kw
Obtained Parameters of Formation: Porosity, Permeability, Irreducible Water Saturation

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